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Bitcoin Scam Compromising Google and Target Accounts Came from Third Party App

A recent Bitcoin scam on Twitter that compromised several major companies verified accounts came from a third-party app, tech news outlet the Next Web (TNW) reports Friday, Nov. 16, citing social media officials. Speaking to TNW, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the attack came from an outside software provider and not from Twitter’s own system. […]

Russian Crypto Exchange Gets Approval From Estonian Financial Watchdog

Russian cryptocurrency exchange B2BX has received regulatory approval from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to operate in the country, according to a press release published Nov. 12. Founded in 2014, B2BX is a part of the B2Broker group of companies and a full-featured spot trading platform, offering 34 cryptocurrency markets. In late 2017, the […]

23 Fakten, die du sofort googlen musst, weil du sie für eine Lüge hältst

1. Viagra sorgt dafür, dass Blumen aufrecht stehen. Fluxfactory / Getty Images Wird die Pille dem Blumenwasser hinzufügt, verlängert sich die Haltbarkeit der Blumen um bis zu einer Woche. 2. Termiten fressen Holz doppelt so schnell, wenn ihnen Rockmusik vorgespielt wird. Ipumbaimages / Getty Images Die härteren Rockmusikklänge animieren die Termiten. 3. Kleopatras Lebenszeit lag […]